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2014 Exhibitors
updated April 2, 2014

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Accessories - fascinators, headbands, jewelry Monroe Couture  D42 
Accessories & Collectibles Eclectic Designs A28
Bed & Bath - textiles & apothecary The French Laundry Co.  A10 
Bird Houses Build a Birdhouse  D52, 53 
Body Care - goat milk & essential oils Goat Milk Natural Soaps & Essential Oils  D45 
Body Care - soap and skincare Beach Baby Bath & Body A68
Body Care - soaps Skinlicious Soaps  A37 
Body Care - soaps and herbal products Gridley's  C 7 
Body Care - soaps, bath & body products Smell the Soap  B 1 
Body Care - soaps, natural products, hand cut, no two alike Cheeky Soaps  B 9 
Books - children's and anthologies Rocking Chair Books  A71 
Broadloom - handcrafted custom art rugs Nine Star Designs - Custom Art Rugs  D11 
Cane restoration Hand Caned Furniture  A 6 
Canvas bags with leather applique Nautilos  C28 
Ceramics Ladybird Ceramics  E 1 
Ceramics Victoria Ceramic Art  D61 
Ceramics - clay, wood, leather, hemp Atelier Trema  A40 
Ceramics - giftware Lin-Echo Ceramics  B 6 
Ceramics - hand painted ceramic art Victoria Ceramic Art  D36 
Ceramics, steel & wood 2-Q Designs  E11 
Clothing Artwear by Deed  A22, 23, 24 
Clothing Danielle Nault Designer  A13, 14 
Clothing Mila Posh  C27 
Clothing - childrens, and accessories Jack and Willa Designs  D58 
Clothing - elegant, whimsical, tailored, relaxed Lousje & Bean  D64 
Clothing - fabric art Revive  D56 
Clothing - geek T- Shirts Antimatter…Quasi Science Apparel  D15 
Clothing - kids, with co-ordinating dolls Dolls & Daughters  A 8 
Clothing - Knits Olga Saras  E 7 
Clothing - recycled textiles Déjà vu Designs  D 8 
Clothing - sizes 6-24 Designs by S.A.D.  B 2, 3 
Clothing & hand spun wool Designs in Elegance  B15 
Clothing and textiles Poisson Designs  D21 
Concrete - the transformation of unwanted stuff The Concrete Daisy  E 4 
Embroidery - custom R&R Custom Embroidery  B25, 26 
Fair Trade artisans Ten Thousand Villages  E 6 
Fine Art - hand-painted shutters, screens & barnboard Barking Dog Salvage & Design  C25 
Fine Art - ink sketches Brewster Arts  A32 
Fine Art - iPad painting Valanne Ridgeway, iPad painting  E 9 
Fine Art - mixed media, clock workings, acrylics Time on my Hands  A30 
Fine Art - oil paintings Dean Harrison  B11 
Fine art - paper - cards, posters, magnets Mug Shots Greeting Cards  A41 
Fine Art - paper - greeting cards Wendy Tancock Designs  A 5 
Fine Art - porcelain painting Porcelain Art  C 2 
Fine Art - prints, cards, pendants from original watercolours Moon House Art  A15, 16 
Fine Art - scroll art on wood Dorval Designs - Scroll Art  D49 
Fine Art - sculptured glass Sculptured Glass by Lee Shelton  D67 
Fine Art - twisted steel in rustic frames Parkadilly  A18 
Fine art - watercolour: cards and other page products Blossom & Sweet Pea Critter Compnay  A72 
Fine art - watercolours Dave Gordon  A65 
Fine art - watercolours Cori Lee Marvin - Watercolours  A44 
Fine Art - wood - mixed media  Creations d'Octobre  A51 
Fine Art - wood & leather pyrography Pyrosea Designs  A27 
Fine Art,  collages, stoneart, home decor Art of Margaret (The Silk Bouquet)  A12 
Floral and Wood Victoria's     A64 
Floral arrangements & jewelry Forget me not Floral Design  B13 
Florals - arrangements for headstone & graveside Clarks Memorial Flowers  A70 
Food - cookies, cupcakes & loaves   Sugar Dust Bakery  A60 
Food - dessert sauces and cookies Esther Gould's Finest  C23 
Food - dips Deb's Dips  D 1 
Food - dips & spices Sassy Sisters Gourmet Dips  A35, 36 
Food - dog treats Doggy Delights Barkery  D 3 
Food - fudge Grandpa's Homemade Fudge  D32 
Food - garlic spreads Incredible Spread 'Em  D54 
Food - gourmet   Wicked Gourmet C20, 21
Food - healthy prepared foods Everything Nice  C16,17,18 
Food - iced cookies The Shortbread Company  C 4 
Food - jellies, spreads, chutneys Rootham's Gourmet Preserves  D50 
Food - nougat, meringues & marshmallows La Nougaterie  A53 
Food - pepper Sauces Pepper Brew Gourmet Hot Sauces  C 6 
Food - roasted soybeans The Bean Ladies  B27, 28 
Food - sauces Hawberry Farms/Manitoulin Crafts  D25, 26 
Food - savoury jellies Jelly Boys  D 5 
Food - tapenades Cook's Gourmet  A 1 
Food - tea - hand blended loose leaf Empress Green Tea Shop  B12 
Food - wine jellies Tracy's Wine Jellies  B19 
Garden Art: - metal & rocks Garden Art by Sandy  A29 
Garden Concrete Simply Perfect D59
Garden Ornaments/Jewelry A-Designs  A20, 21 
Glass - accent pieces and Jewelry Marcelo Glass  A57 
Glass - fused:  sculptural and functional art Marcela Rosemberg Glass Studio  A 2 
Glass - hand painted wine glasses, flutes, jars, carafes Shiver Glass Designs  B24 
Glass - lampwork Dream Glass by Lezlie  A17 
Glass - stained glass, etched glass and jewelry The Glasshopper Studio  A42 
Glass - whimsical hand-cut glass art Glistening Glass  A11 
Glass birdfeeders Moore Design Birdfeeders  D40 
Glass Blowing Port Bruce Glass Arts  A61 
Glass, hand blown La Glasserie  A52 
Hair accessories - non slip Ribbonheadz  A 7 
Hats - reversable canvas, matching handbags & scarves  U. V. Hats & Accessories  A58 
Home Décor - florals & wreaths Floral Fantasies by Olga  A25 
Home Décor - vibrating designer pillows Comfee Living  E 3 
Home décor and fashion Random Pretty Things  B18 
Ironworks for garden & home Ironworks Designs A47
Jewelry Crystal Grove  A 3 
Jewelry Creations Linda Dupont  C12 
Jewelry NiLi  E12 
Jewelry Danny Pollack Accessories  A63 
Jewelry - amber & silver Amberela  B 4 
Jewelry - brass, aluminum, acrylic and glass Christophe Poly  A31 
Jewelry - chain maille Jewellery with Hartt  D51 
Jewelry - copper The Tima Collection  C26 
Jewelry - crystals, pearls Creations Onelia Calisto  C22 
Jewelry - fused glass, stones & beads Kathryn Toner Designs  D 9 
Jewelry - gemstones, crustals, metals Bijoux Gems Joy  C 5 
Jewelry - glass   Sailorgirl Jewelry  C 8 
Jewelry - gold & silver Nature's Creations  A38 
Jewelry - gold & silver Michael Lehrman Designs  D66 
Jewelry - hand braided macrame/beads Paula's Handcrafted Jewelry  D19 
Jewelry - nature & vintage inspired Elvery Handcrafted Jewelry  C15 
Jewelry - pearls, crystals, stones & beads Creations Ghislaine Descotes  B16 
Jewelry - resin coated flowers and wings Fern Garden Creations  D27 
Jewelry - silver   Grazyna Jankowska - By Hand- Silver Jewelry  B20 
Jewelry - silver & gold filled Conversations in Jewelry  A 9 
Jewelry - silver & semi-precious stones Cerro Design  D14 
Jewelry - silver and gold Atelier Pierre-de-Lune  A50 
Jewelry - sterling silver and 14k gold C'est Fantastique/Ian  A73 
Jewelry - Swarovski crystal, pearls, semi precious stones Vicky Harrison Designs  B10 
Jewelry - waxed Linen Moth Jewelry  E 5 
Jewelry - wire-wrapped stones and beads Jeelee Joolery D34
Jewelry, purses and handbags JET. Designs  D 2 
Lavender products Lavender Lane Botanicals  D16 
Leather Karen Gunna Leathergoods  A62 
Leather - garments, hats, briefcases, luggage Barnstorm Leathers  A 4 
Leather - shoes, bags and accessories Cuir Pilarmain  D65 
Leather goods Lana Danielson Leather goods  A48 
Metals - brass & aluminum Fairthorne Studios  D24 
Northumberland Hills Studio Tour Northumberland Hills Studio Tour 2014  D62 
Origami and ribbon & beaded Jewelry Star Gifts  C11 
Pet accessories Pet Creations D 4
Photography Jen Allison Photography  D44 
Photography John Davidson Photography  B17 
Photography Ken Solilo Photography  E 2 
Photography Dusty/Deed Photography  A22, 23, 24 
Photography - nature Larry Burnett Nature Photography  A33 
Photography - wildlife, nature, fine art The Wild Wood  A43 
Pottery Peace of Earth Pottery  A34 
Pottery Perry Pottery  A59 
Pottery - children's Clocks Firing Time  A67 
Pottery - clay & stoneware Pottery by Antje  A45 
Pottery - functional stoneware Deborah Doran Pottery  A74 
Pottery - functional stoneware & Racu Earthern Vessels Pottery  A26 
Pottery - porcelain & stoneware clay Arabesque Pottery  E10 
Pottery and table linens Pottery by Boz D48
Pottery and Wood Casa Relief International  D33 
Silver - jewelry and home decoration Smyrna Silver Home Decoration  D41 
Silverware recycled Spoon Art  C 1 
Textile Art - pillows, throws, stuffed animals & photo art Thelma Bob Discoveries  D43 
Textiles - baby headbands, bibs, change pads, barettes Zoe & Ziggy  D 7 
Textiles - cotton, jute and canvas. Clothing and bags Terra Accessories  B22 
Textiles - fashion accessories for men and women Pip Robins Accessories B21
Textiles - hand woven blankets, towels, placemats Handwoven Threads  D17 
Textiles - hats Designs by Maureen  A19 
Textiles - hooded towels & burp cloths for babies Bubbly Meadow  D35 
Textiles - infinity scarves Q  D28 
Textiles - personalized embroidered bears You Name It  B14 
Textiles - pillow blankets Et - Voila ... Pilankies  C 3 
Textiles - pillows, throws, stuffed animals - and photo art Thelma Bob Discoveries  D34 
Textiles - quilted items Quilts & Creations  B 5 
Textiles - reversible hats, baby hats, scarves I.J.Kraft  D23 
Textiles - satin pillows Orin's Satin Creations D37
Textiles - scarves & fashion accessories Urban Chic  A46 
Textiles - scarves, headbands, hats AVT Fashion Accessories  C13 
Textiles - sock monkeys & crocheted creations Canadian Mom  D46 
Textiles -tote bags, pillows & gifts Athena Creations C16, 17, 18
Toys and Games UPSET - The Game  D30 
Watches - created from woods, leather, seeds & coconut Mistura Timepieces  A49 
Wood - antique reproductions Stuffers Antiques and reproductions  A54,55,56 
Wood - buckets for umbrellas, walking sticks, kindling & more Les Seaux Gadi D22
Wood - peppermills & cutting boards Creative Wood Products  C24 
Wood - rock maple utensils Imagine Wood  A39 
Wood - toys Gerry Mongeau  B23 
Wood - toys, mailboxes, furniture Wayne Martin's Wood Creations  C14 
Wood - treasure boxes  The Box Man  B 7 
Wood Games Michaud Toys  C 9. 10 
Woods - spicemills  D10 


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